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Past Participant's Photos & Testimonials

Below are images and testimonials from participants at the 2011-2014 festivals.

by Cindy Beckett

by Cindy Beckett

"Wonderful, interesting, educational: At a reasonable price. I was pleased with the first days presentation, and will attend next year." - Al Reiner, 2012

by Mike Berenson

by Jeanne Frasse

"The Saturday lectures and Q&A along with the Sunday Guanella Pass Workshop with Stephen Weaver gave my photography and my creativity just the boot in the butt I needed--a super experience with some extremely accomplished photographers. If you want to improve your photography, I highly recommend this festival before spending your cash on yet another piece of camera gear!" - Daniel Joder, 2013

by Brad McDowell

by Brad McDowell

"The Colorado Photography Festival was great. The teachers were tops in their field; with a sincere desire to share their knowledge and help us to learn their subjects. Highlight for me was getting one to one coaching on HDR shooting and editing; plus learning an effective Lightroom workflow. The Festival was tightly organized so that virtually all events took place on time and were completed within the allotted time frame. Yet, there was a loose and casual atmosphere that enhanced the teaching and learning experience. Major League sums up my feelings." - Bill Brennan, 2012

by Andy Schwartz

by Lynn Bills

"The Colorado Photography Festival was an excellent way to spend the weekend. The speakers were very diverse and all had very interesting ideas and photos to present. From Wildlife, to HDR to personal experiences, they kept the audience captivated, amused and inspired. The Sunday workshops gave an opportunity to work directly with the masters in their fields and I personally came away with a renewed enthusiasm to rev up my photography and get out and shoot more. I will definitely sign up again next year." - Jeanne Frase, 2012

by Brad McDowell

by Vinny Carchietta

"The Colorado Photography Festival was educational, inspiring and most importantly pushed me to become a better photographer! The instructors made me think about and see photography in a completely different way. The classroom setting provided useful tips and advice. The workshops allowed me the opportunity to work directly with the professional photographers. They took their time with me to answer questions (general or specific), critique my work and gave myself and the other participants tips to improve. It was a fantastic event and worth every penny!" - Michelle Hohol, 2011

by Christopher-Thomas

by Christopher-Thomas

"Thank you for an amazing day/evening spent photographing the Garden of the Gods. Marc provided a day in the field with instruction on scouting locations, what to look for in certain light and how to prepare for night shooting. This was just what was needed. It was an amazing day in so many ways This was definitely a special experience as well as extremely educational. The Saturday lectures were simply one outstanding photographer after another, each one extremely informative as well as inspiring. This is a festival that I will definitely travel half way across the country for - again!" - Vinny Carchietta, 2012

by Christopher-Thomas

by Elane Comeaux

"The Colorado Photography Festival was a fantastic investment in improving my photographic skills. Saturday's presentations from photographers with a wide variety of specializations were very compelling and informative. Then my Sunday field workshop with Dan Ballard was OUTSTANDING! I also participated in the Monday Lightroom & Photoshop workflow training with Nat Coalson, which was also exceptionally helpful. I'd recommend the Colorado Photography Festival to anyone, whether you are an aspiring serious amateur or a seasoned professional." - Janine Fugere, 2011

by Michael Benton

by Michael Benton

"The Colorado Photography Festival was a great event. It let me network with local photographers as well as get inspired by seeing great images and learning that they were taken right here in this great town and some even in my neighborhood. I would definitely recommend it for beginning and advanced photographers...something there for everyone! The workshop offerings on the second day were all interesting enough that it was honestly hard to pick just one." - Michael Benton, 2012

by James Woody

by Pamela Colander

"The inaugural Colorado Photography Festival was a resounding success! The six photographers showcased their best images, while also discussing thought-provoking subjects such as personal style, artistic direction, and covering the human element in nature. Their personal stories of success and struggle were both inspiring and encouraging.

Glenn Randall's "Sunrise from the Summit Photography" workshop at Mt. Evans was the highlight of the festival. Putting us on location for a gorgeous sunrise and moonset, he also offered direction on-the-spot to help us capture the best shots possible.

Nat Coalson's seminar "Making Fine Art Prints with Lightroom & Photoshop" was enlightening as well as stimulating. His in-depth instruction and relaxed teaching style will enable us to maximize the impact of our digital captures.

Every aspect of the festival will enhance one's creativity, technical knowledge, and artistic vision. There is no better setting to refine the art and craft of photography, and I am already looking forward to next year!

- Kristian Llave, 2011

by Stephanie Powell

by Jeanne Frasse

"As a second time attendee, I must say it only gets better. Saturday's symposium was full of lively speakers who captured the attention of the audience from the moment they started speaking. It was very informative and extremely inspiring. The Sunday workshop provided a great opportunity to get up early and work on some of the concepts that were presented on Saturday. This is definitely a photography weekend that will be on my calendar every year." - Jeanne Frasse, 2013

by Jessica Merry

by Jessica Merry

"The speakers were great and very inspiring, The venue was beautiful I got some great photos of the campus. Grant did a great job of putting this together." - Farida Mistry, 2013

by Match Grun

by Jessica Merry

"Thank you for a wonderful learning experience. The enthusiasm the instructors have for photography and teaching other photographers shined through all weekend. In particular, Andy Long was very helpful, informative and supportive of my many questions." - Dawn Wilson, 2011

by Ali Mocabee

by Ali Mocabee

"The festival was really good and enjoyable. Photos from presenters are inspirations. I've learnt and been more motivated to communicate better through the lens. Strongly recommend." - Pattaya Vachirachaipaisn, 2012

by Joseph Abelino Roybal

by Susan Miyasaka

"If you are a photographer at any level, I would recommend the Colorado Photography Festival. The lectures, instruction and workshops are low key, informative and enjoyable. The instructors are all accomplished photographers who have a way of speaking that is both entertaining and enlightening. The slide shows alone are worth attending the symposium. The setting for the symposium is beautiful. And, what can I say about where the workshops are held...Colorado's mountains...'nuff said. This was not my first Photo Fest and will not be my last." - John Nichols, 2014

by Jason Wilcox

"This was my first festival and I enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed the diversity of the speakers and choosing a workshop was difficult because all of them looked very interesting." - Mario Linares, 2013

by Cindy Beckett

by Kristian Llave

"The Colorado Photography Festival was great. It was nice to be around professionals and learn new techniques. Thanks!" - Christopher Thomas, 2011